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About me

I am a graphic designer and WordPress web builder based in Portland OR, with deep experience of over 30 years in graphic design.

I make communication excellence for clients my goal

With years of experience in graphic and web design and working with non-profits, NGOs, bars and restaurants, I  know what my client partners need and want. I provide support, understanding and a clear look at actual achievable goals for the best communication solutions.

The top communication apps and platforms are second nature 

  • WordPress for website development
  • InDesign for documents and publications
  • Photoshop for web and print
  • Illustrator for design and illustration
  • Adobe Premier for video editing and Adobe Audition for sound

What I do

Great communication is a result of love, sincerity, courage, and decision. which is sort of a paraphrase of Frank Lloyd Wright. The point is, that you don’t get there without commitment. I am committed to finding and producing the best communication solutions for you.

Web Design

I don’t just bash together some pages and call it good. I take a good hard look at your brand – your identity – and use it to inform the look of your site.

Graphic Design

From menus to business identity, graphically articulating your company’s distinctive personality and market differential is what we do best. whether you’re after an ultra-conservative or super edgy look.

Information Design

Annual reports, Catalogs, Magazines, Newsletters, Brochures, Bulletins, Broadsides

Video Editing

If you are looking to create short videos for your website whether from existing recordings or the creation of new content, I can help you get it into final form.


Adobe Premier
Information Design

My Experience


quanbeck / creative

Just me & them

Who are they? Whomever has need of the skills I bring. I do church and non-profit websites. I handle weekly video streaming. I create Sunday bulletins for churches from the West Coast to the East. I do specialized Photoshop work. I construct business plans and company profiles.


The Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

Communication Director

I was responsible for all the communication needs of the Episcopal Diocese that encompasses Western Oregon. From websites to convention A/V and publication editing to phone systems and IT planning.


Appleton Lloyd, Inc

Creative Director

For eight years I led a fantastic team of creatives through an amazing collection projects and clients until we all went our separate ways.