My Work

What I do

Beginning a project means learning what makes your organization (company, NGO, non-profit, faith-based group, etc.) tick (or tock, whatever).

I want to understand your brand, your identity, why you do what you do. ultimately,  I want to deliver a solution that will capture your organization’s essence and appeal directly to your intended audience.

You know what you want. All I know is what I want to give you. That could be good…or not. the only way to know is to use the old can and string. Well, email might be better. or a text. or maybe an actual phone call. or, even, heaven help us, a meeting!

At every step of the way, I work with you to define, refine, and deliver what you envision.


What kind of design work do I do?

Websites for one thing.

And, I don’t just bash together some pages and call it good. If I am not helping to create your brand from the ground up (which I love to do, BTW), I will at least take a good hard look at your brand – your identity – and use it to inform the look of your site.

Publications for another.

To communicate your organization’s vital information, I am able to develop and produce top-notch publications, including:

  • Annual reports
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Product specification sheets
  • Seminar packets

I can with you to simply design a template, create the entire piece from start to finish…or anything in between. Just let me know where the gaps are and I’ll fill them in.

Branding & identity is another kind of design work.

Graphically articulating your company’s distinctive personality and market differential. Whether you’re after an ultra-conservative or super edgy look, I will create the design most reflective of your true identity. There are lots of opportunities for focusing your brand that run from the basic business package (cards & letterhead) to signage to ads.

Across all printed and electronic media, I will work to ensure the continuity of your organization’s identity – the true reflection of who you are and what you do.

I am exclusively a WordPress website designer/developer. for the uninitiated that means that we use the open source developed blogging platform and make custom websites.

WordPress was originally offered as an easy way for anyone to put up a personal or company website that had some basic pages and a blog section. it wasn’t the only blog platform at the time, but its open source, yet organizationally supported code, made it instantly popular with developers. as long as they conformed to standards, they could make plugins and themes to their heart’s content. this ease of customization was also vastly popular with users and designers. soon, WordPress was all over the world and it is now one of the most popular development platforms.

The ease of adding posts/articles or content pages is still what make it attractive to many. But it can be a challenge for users if the site design leaves too many spaces for the user to fill. A comprehensive templating system is the solution and one that I pursue relentlessly.

I will deliver innovative solutions for all your online communication needs. After thoroughly analyzing your unique goals, I will formulate a rock-solid strategy then carry it out for maximum impact.

Whether you require secure online transactions or just a few self-manageable pages, I will provide a custom Web solution tailored to your particular needs.

I can also manage your site after the develop/build phase. While you may feel quite capable of maintaining and adding to your site’s content, you might be a little concerned about keeping it up-to-date with the constant updates, upgrades and security concerns that keep web hosts up at night.

Whatever shape your website needs take, I am here to help.

I really enjoy editing videos, even those I don’t shoot myself. Whether putting together a short piece for posting on a website, or working on longer stories with graphics, it is a fun way to spend quality time with headphones on.

I use Adobe applications to do this work. Rush for simple posts, Premier for longer videos, and After Effects for fun graphics and effects. This editing may also include audio work to fix sound issues or add music and sound effects. Adobe Audition is my go-to for that.

Communication has become a multi-layered labyrinth. more often than not we find ourselves just wondering what to do next.

We know we need something, but what that something is, is a mystery.

Or, we know we need a strategy. We need a plan for our communication/information needs. We need a big, fat plan, and have only a vague idea of how to get that in motion.

What we want, what you need, is someone to assist you in assessing your needs or help you put that strategy together.

I can be that assist. For small non-profits, churches large and small, artists and arts organizations, medium NGOs, restaurants and taverns, I have the perspective, the kind of viewpoint you need to get control of your fear of information, or lack of information, or just tomorrow.

Get a better look at yourself. Send me an email. Or Zoom call.