The Miscellaneous

The pandemic and onward!

The pandemic brought new challenges and opportunities. Many actual design options were left for an unknown future where some still reside. But new options presented themselves.

Video Streaming

As it became clear that the lockdown was not going away anytime soon, the clergy at St. Michael & All Angels church in Portland, Oregon asked me to take on the streaming of the Sunday morning service. We started with a phone and a stream to Facebook. Today we have a media booth that includes a dedicated computer that pulls together the video output from two PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom) controlled over the network. A twelve channel sound board, four fixed mics, three handheld wireless remote mics and two wireless Lavalier mics are part of the system to handle sound. We stream three services every Sunday as well as special services and musical performances.

Check out the videos on YouTube.

Video Creation

I began experimenting with video creation while serving as communication director for the Episcopal Church in Western Oregon. Over time I have put together a number of videos and include a sample of them here.